Drift Away

I’ve blogged on this subject before on a different site, but as its still my favourite topic, I’m going to talk about it again. If you know me at all then you know how passionate I am about music. I try to support the artists that I like and promote them to anyone that will listen. I also tend to obsess over new music until it eventually makes its way into the shuffle playlist as some other new music takes it’s place (except Blake Shelton, he will always be the exception to that rule. I listen to him every day.)

A while back, I was at a friend’s house with a group of friends. We were heading to the annual ‘ball’ (read country folks excuse to dress up, drink and socialise) We were having pre-ball drinks at her house because it was just down the block from the venue, everyone had arrived, and while having a catch up, drinking copious amounts and generally doing what you do at these things, I decided to put on some music. I had seen a mini system over by the computer, so wandered over to choose some tunes. After rummaging around for a bit, I finally turned to the hostess and asked where her CD’s were. The response I got was that they don’t really listen to music, have no CD’s and only really have the stereo there for the news. What the….?!?

I admit I probably looked a bit stupid at this point, mouth agape, unresponsive. But to be fair I was genuinely shocked. I have never met someone who didn’t listen to music! Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware I’m a bit over the top with my love for music, I mean I have a soundtrack playing in my head most days. Something someone says will trigger a lyric that plays in my head while they are talking. But come on! No music at all! They are missing so much. Well they might not be, because you don’t miss what you never had, but still.

They will never know the joy of having a song come on the radio/stereo/pc and being instantly transported back to the time that song is associated with. Case in point; Meatloaf – 2 out of three ain’t bad? Senior year of high school summer holiday fling.  4 non blondes -What’s up? Camping at Buckland’s crossing with my brother and sister and a group of our friends, during a break in my nursing training.  The Exponents – Why does love do this to me?  Getting my boob signed with ‘thanks for the mammories’ by the lead singer after a really drunken bar gig, as a student in Invercargill. More recently, some of the musicians I listen to, like Blake, remind me of the person that introduced me to the music.

So many more that come to me at random times when the song triggers my stroll down memory lane, and each memory so closely associated with the song.  I am so grateful for being brought up in a household where music was as much a part of our upbringing as Sunday roasts, backyard bbq’s and sitting round the bonfire having a sing along at our annual summer camping trip. My parents may have scarred me for life in other areas, but this at least, they got very right.


Runaway Train


ImageOK, so it wasn’t actually a runaway train, but I’m going for a song title theme, and it was the first one I thought of!

Last weekend my employers made up for the lack of a party at Christmas by taking us on a train ride. The Kingston Flyer is a famous train in New Zealnd as it is a surviving steam train from the time when trains were the main mode of transport around the area. We are a young country so having something that’s been running since 1865 is significant. I’ve never been on a steam train before and my kids haven’t been on any kind of train so it was an adventure for all of us.


The kids were a bit over excited by it all, my son especially. I took this photo four times and finally gave up trying to get a decent one because he just could not stop being silly!

Once we got on the train there was the inevitable barrage of questions as to what each little thing was, of which I knew the answer to about 50%! Pretty impressive of me considering there was no information provided at all,(my only complaint about the whole day).


My daughter was fascinated by the view out of the window, when she could sit still long enough to look at it, but once the novelty wore off, I was very glad I’d bought along her colouring books







The view from the train window while still at the station





We travelled from Fairlight station to Kingston approx an hour in total. While the combination of steam and smoke from the engine weren’t particularly fun, I’d do it again in a heartbeat, it was a fantastic family outing.



My son was getting a bit bored so i took him out onto the platform and then couldn’t get him back inside!








View from the platform as we approach the lake







Kingston station


ImageAfter the train trip, all of the staff and families headed to the Garston pub for lunch. The food consisted of hors d’oeuvres type dishes that just kept comng, which we ate sitting in the beer garden in the sun. Spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun with a couple of cold beers and some good company, something that I don’t get to do all that often these days.

Gotta say, my employers got it right on this one, what a great way to spend a Saturday!