All you need is love


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I don’t understand all the fuss over gay marriage. In New Zealand (where I live) civil union has been legal since 2005. I know that in different countries this means different things but here it means that couples that are ‘married’ through civil union have the exact same rights as ‘actual’ married couples. Except that same sex couples haven’t got the right to adopt children. (side note: single opposite sex couples can adopt but not ‘married’ same sex couples.Something I was unaware of and will now be campaigning to change!)

As someone who wasn’t particularly keen to get married because I’m not a religious person I wonder if it’s the religious side of the marriage ceremony that makes it important? I think for some people it is. I would have been happy living with my partner or having a civil union. I ended up with a church wedding simply because my husbands family is religious and I respect them enough to want them to be happy. (we didn’t have any religious language in the vows though, I’m respectful not hypocritical).

However I think that for 99% of the people that are fighting to change the law in their respective countries, it’s not about whether or not they have the same legal rights as such, it’s about being treated equally and having the right to choose how they want to be joined together. Am I wrong? Is it about something other than wanting to be treated as equal? To not be made to feel like a second class citizen simply because you fell in love with a gender other than what the government dictates is the right one? 

My sister’s best friend had a housewarming party last weekend that turned out to be a surprise civil union ceremony instead. It suited them perfectly, in the backyard with their dogs, family and friends around them. They call each other wife, everyone says they are ‘married’ and for all intents and purposes, they are. But the fact remains that if they had wanted to have a ceremony in a church, to stand up in front of whichever God they believe in and vow to love that woman for the rest of their lives, they couldn’t. Because legally, they aren’t considered the same as the rest of society. They aren’t considered equal to me. And that is why I fight for gay marriage to be recognised. So my friends, have the same choices as I do. So that one day, i can sit in a church pew, with sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows, and watch two men (or women) who love each other, declare it to the world.

This is why I don’t understand the fuss over gay marriage. Because there shouldn’t have to be one. There should be no need for someone to have to fight to declare their love in a ceremony. There should not be a distinction between one group of people or another. Walk a mile in a their shoes, what if it was you? What if only gay marriage was legal and heterosexuals had to resort to civil union or promise ceremonies? Would this law be getting changed any quicker? I think so.

I don’t understand the fuss over gay marriage As soon as the first gay person said “I want to marry my partner”, the laws should have been changed to allow it. No fuss. No bother. Just equal rights actually meaning equal.





6 responses to “All you need is love

  1. I agree, I guess my perspective is, why are people against gay people getting married? What effect does it have on them two people declaring their love? Is it that they have nothing better to worry about than people loving each other?

    • I know, I find it hard to believe that in today’s society where we have such high incidences of domestic abuse, divorce, child abuse, etc. etc. people are taking the time to complain that people love each other? And they aren’t even doing it ironically, bless their ignorant little hearts!

  2. This is a question I’ve asked myself many times over. If it was detrimental to society in some way I could understand the controversy–but it’s NOT!

    Most who oppose the concept of same-sex marriage begin their argument with “it says in the Bible…” Well…it says a lot of things in that book, but we tend to ignore most of them until they suit our purposes. I think my favorite argument against same-sex marriage (purely because of its entertainment value, you understand) is the notion that “same-sex marriage is causing deterioration of the American family.” Wait…what?! Seriously?!?

    In all honesty, people tend to fear (and judge) what they don’t understand. Its a sad, but all too true fact about humans. And as long as society refuses to evolve in its judgmental nature, I’m afraid that several “shouldn’t be an issue” issues will continue to be debated.

    You’re a peach, Julz! Don’t ever change. *mwah!*

    • I agree. I mean all it takes is a look back through relatively recent history to see some cases of people doing exactly that.
      Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

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